RxH Guest
Artist Program

Celebrating Global Creativity,
One Artist at a Time

Art Knows No Boundaries

Our Guest Artist program is a testament to this belief, bringing talented artists from around the world to our vibrant community in Downtown Rogers, Arkansas.

The Experience

Every year, we host a remarkable artist from diverse corners of the globe. These artists, carefully selected for their unique perspectives and exceptional talent, become an integral part of our creative tapestry. During their residency, they not only create stunning works of art but also become ambassadors of culture, sharing their stories and visions with our community.

International Connections

Our Guest Artist program is a global celebration of creativity. It’s an opportunity for local artists and art enthusiasts to connect with talented individuals who bring a fresh perspective to our creative ecosystem. Through this program, we foster cultural exchange, transcending language barriers and celebrating the universal language of art.

Exhibition and Engagement

The culmination of each artist’s residency is a captivating exhibition held within the walls of the Rogers Experimental House. These exhibitions provide a window into the artist’s soul, showcasing their diverse influences, techniques, and inspirations. Visitors have the chance to interact with the artist, gaining insights into their creative process and cultural background.

Are you an artist interested in becoming our next Guest Artist?
We welcome applications from artists worldwide who are eager to immerse themselves in our creative community.

Past Guest Artist

Over the years, our Guest Artist program has hosted a diverse array of talents. From painters and sculptors to photographers and performance artists, each resident artist brings a unique flavor to our creative landscape.

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Ibiyinka “Ibi” Alao


Artist, Ambassador, Filmmaker, Architect and Author